The Berinsfields Health Centre is a central hub to its local rural community.   Following a health inspection audit, the former podiatry room failed to meet the current hygiene requirements.

With the property owned by NHS Property Services, they were responsible as landlord to upgrade and incorporate the recommendations of the hygiene inspection team.

The works included installation of a new Integrated Panelling System with associated medical wash hand basin, redecoration throughout, new vinyl flooring and skirting and boxing-in of all existing services.

During the course of the initial site visits a number of ongoing maintenance items were identified with the various project stakeholders. These included increasing capacity of the rain water goods within the building to avoid future leaks.


Oander’s Role

Appointed under the NHS Shared Businesses Framework, Oander was the Project Manager responsible for scoping, designing, tendering and delivering the works.

Throughout the course of the works, we were able to achieve the practice manager’s ambition of having the room brought back into service without affecting the day to day operation of the practice, as the main access to the room was via the waiting room.

We were able to sequence and schedule the works that were delivered within normal business hours but utilised a former access route following various discussions with a variety of other stakeholders. This resulted in the site team having an access route which was isolated from the general public and the practice visitors.