The Project

Kier Highways (formally EM Highways and Enterprise Mouchel) held the Highways Agency’s Managing Agent Contract (MAC) before securing the new Asset Support Contract (ASC) covering 1,242 km of carriageway.

The MAC is a combination of both a fixed NCE lump sum for the traditional day-to-day maintenance, whilst the delivery of smaller schemes up to £1.5million is completed on a NEC Target Cost basis.

The contract, commonly known as Area 3, covers a range of motorways and trunk roads in Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire including M27, M271, A27, M3, M4, and A303.


Our Role

Oander’s secondee provided commercial support to the drainage team who were delivering a variety of highway improvement and maintenance works.

The specific schemes the Oander team was involved in included:

Newbury By-Pass Ponds

The 11 ponds which formed part of the Newbury By-Pass drainage and balancing system required to have at least 1/3 of the silt removed.

These projects were at early feasibility stage. Our secondee procured the depth testing and WAC testing which enabled the design team to establish whether the ponds were subject to contamination, whilst enabling the methodology of the removal silt to be developed.

They also procured topographical surveys of both the ponds and surround embankments. This facilitated the design team in identifying whether and where suitable access steps were required.

M27 and A3 Ditch Clearance Works

The Oander secondee was also involved with another scheme which consisted of 67 separate locations along the M27 and M3.

At each of the these locations a variety of different works were required, including the introduction of new access steps, culvert clearing, renewing and replacing existing fencing and bespoke repairs to ensure continued longevity of the asset, such as concrete repairs and ditching.

Oander worked with the design team to develop the scope of works including the necessary specifications and contractors works information for procurement of the works.

Upon completion of the detailed scope of works, the Oander secondee produced a comprehensive target price which was presented and submitted to the Highways Agency.  The project received approval and, working with the project engineering team, Oander procured the contractors and agreed lump sum prices to complete the works.


Motorway with cars
Highway under construction
Highway under construction